CFFC - Czech freestyle flight cup - 

The Rules

CFFC is competition for pilots of RC models of aerobatic aircraft, who will perform freestyle flight supported by music of his choice.

Basic criteria

CFFC has two cathegories:

Challenger class

         This category is for pilots with no experience of other RC freestyle competition. The level of craft will not be measured or judged, this cathegory is opened for anyone who sends the entry form filled correctly and meets the rules conditions.

Taking place in the Challenger cathegory itself is not a reason not to compete in Challenger cup in the future. In other words, Pilots can compete in CFFC challenger cup every year, if they will not become sport pilots that year.

Unlimited class

         Unlimited cathegory is for experienced sport pilots. It is for those who are active in aerobatic competitions, such as EAC or others.

         The age of the pilot is not limited. In case of pilots under the age of 18, the responsibe person is as stated in Czech civil code. The organisers are not responsible for damages or injuries caused by unproper manner with the aircraft, or in case of accident of the aircraft model , as well as in case of technical malfuncion of the model.

Unlimited B class

for  pilots who compete or used to compete in EAC series or similar national series in lower classes ( Basic,  Intermediate.. ) and  not competing in freestyle or have not been active freestyle competitor for at least 3 years. 

Number of competing pilots

Number of pilots in CFFC is limited to 40. There are two basic rounds, two semifinal rounds and one final round. There are 10 pilots promoted to semifinal, then 5 pilots promoted to final in each category. This can be changed regarding to overall number of pilots in CFFC.

Entry form and starting fees

      The entry form to CFFC is to be sent by email to the date announced at the official www pages of the CFFC. The Starting fee in amount of 30 EUR has to be paid cash at registration to the cup. 

Date and schedule of the cup

The date of the CFFC will be announced at the official www pages of CFFC

Technical conditions of CFFC

RC model of aerobatic airplane with:

  • min wingspan: 2,2m - singleplane
  • min wingspan 1,8m - biplane
  • max weight : 20kg

      Each pilot is fully responsible for technical conditions of the model. Pilot let, if asked, to také a look inside of the aircraft model by organisers of CFFC. It is strongly forbidden to use any kind of gyroscopic devices in aircraft. Finding one will lead to DSQ immediately. 


Allowed to use during the flight:

  • ribbons attached to wings
  • smoke effect
  • pyrotechnic effects
  • confettes

Not allowed during the flight:

  • leaving of flight area 
  •  touching the ground during flight
  •  flying above the spectaculors or judges changie of the pitch of the propeller in electric powered aircraft 

General conditions 

 -     Each pilot has to have valid insurance covering RC models of aircrafts.  

-      At the registration, each pilot gets starting number , which will he draws out. 

 -     Pilots are not allowed to ask for specific starting numbers in advance. 

 -     For semifinal and final there is a rule that the lower amount of points collected so far the higher starting number, from the worse to the bests.

Flying conditions of the CFFC 

       - The lenght of the flight is set to max. 4 minutes supported by music of the choice of the pilot. Each pilot will provide his music in .mp3 format to CFFC ctuff at registration to CFFC saved on flash disk.

      - The start of the flight is made by vawing the pilot or the assistent of the pilot. Then, the proper starting sound will sound, then the music starts to play. 

      - The end of the flight is made by lansding of the model, or, by sound of the ending sound, or, when the music ends.

     Flight area is set as follows:

     -  Pilot has the judges behind his back, the flight takes a place in front of him. The model may not enter the area behind the pilots back, meaning the imaginary area line drawn in air behind his / hers back . 

      Safety zone is between the pilot and position of the judges. Entering the safety area is going to be measured by minus points in the evaluation of the pilot. 

      - In case of damage of the airplane during the flight, as well as in case of loosing any part of the airplane during the flight, pilot must interrupt the flight and land immediately. 

       - The evaluation of the flight is measured during the music only. The maneuvers performed after the end of the music will not be evaluated.


1. Artistic impression

2.Preciseness of the maneuvers

3. difficulty of the maneuvers 

4. technical support effects ( ribbons, pyro effects etc. )

5. overall impression 

CFFC stuff has the right to change the rules in case of need. In this case any change will be announced at official web incl. explanation.